Welcome to the "SANTO AND FRIENDS" Website!! This page is being designed as a fan appreciation page to honor Mexican wrestling super-star "SANTO" and other related "LUCHADORES ENMASCARADOS" who fought their way across the screen in dozens of great Mexican movies! We will bring you pages of informative articles, biographies, filmographies, and great photos and movie posters, all relating to the fabulous films of these famed Mexican wrestling superstars! So come with us for a trip down Memory Lane to the days when masked men not only wrestled in the ring, but fought gangsters, werewolves, vampires and killer mummies as a sideline!
We are also expanding this webpage to include an overview of all the Mexican horror/fantasy and science fiction movies of the past, since so many of these great films overlapped with "masked wrestler" films and would probably be of great interest to Santo fans.
A large percentage of Mexican horror/sci-fi movies actually involved masked wrestlers (or superhero-types who in many ways resembled the luchadores enmascarados) and also involved the same cheesy monsters, aliens, vampires, killer dwarves and mad doctors who matched their wits (or claws) against the mighty Santo and his friends.
So don't limit your collecting only to Santo, Blue Demon and Mil Mascaras movies... There's a whole world of weird and wacky Mexican Horror out there just waiting to be discovered by video buffs!